Transforming Africa through Impact Investment

[email protected] is a pan-African impact investment ecosystem development network supporting the creation of a vibrant environment for impact investing in Africa. 

The network functions as a collective advocacy and action platform that focuses on:

  • Providing an all-inclusive forum for impact investment ecosystem players to collaborate, address sector wide issues, and engage in impact investment policy dialogue with Governments, target beneficiary communities and development partners.
  • Building the capacity and facilitating the coordination of impact investment ecosystem players to effectively and progressively realize significant economic, social and environmental impacts in Africa through the Africa Impact Investment Action Plan.
  • Promoting the development and adoption of impact investment best practice models that enhance Triple Bottom Line impacts.
  • Facilitating tailored, African specific good policies, practises, and innovative models that inform, inspire and initiate action throughout the continent.

The network requires the collaboration and concerted action of stakeholders with complementary skills and perspectives, all working towards a common vision with a clear understanding of the mission and the goals.

A robust impact investment ecosystem that delivers for Africa and supports the implementation of Agenda 2063 and the SDGs.

Foster impact investment ecosystem growth in Africa by serving as a leader and information hub that pilots, promotes and advocates for innovations that solve transactional barriers and builds capacities to strengthen infrastructure.

  1. Promote networking around impact investment in Africa by facilitating cross-collaborative efforts by ecosystem players and minimizing duplication
  2. Facilitating implementation of the Africa Impact Investment Action Plan by enabling the development of:
  • A dynamic advocacy and awareness raising programme on impact investment in Africa
  • A strong pipeline of viable impact investees that are able to meet financial, social and/or environmental requirements
  • An enabling policy and regulatory environment in which impact investment can thrive
  • Good practice in impact investment by high capacity, skilled and experienced impact investors
  • Appropriate infrastructure and mechanisms to facilitate impact investment deals.
  • Consensus on, and broad-based adoption of, impact measurement standards and metrics to demonstrate social and environmental return
  1. Advocating for African leadership in impact investing through the promotion of the practice to strategic stakeholders on the continent.

To achieve the goals a strategy and a comprehensive action plan have been formulated that provides detailed information on the way forward.


The operations and activities of [email protected], under the lead of its Board, is guided by the [email protected] Strategic Plan 2017 - 2022, as available here